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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 6, 2014 4:00am-6:01am PST

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>> james: morning america >> reporter: 2 to are really for
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the most part in the low '40's. santa rosa of 49 degrees san francisco 5051 leaving the house in concord. today will not be as warm temperatures will back off a bit. daly city 69 with arista high of 80 degrees over in pleasanton. we are tracking will not be doing in your rain also shed with the system to have a lot going to see pete warming today. --we're not going to see peak warming today.
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>> reporter: we don't have any hot spots to tell you about of course we do however have areas of overlap construction. bay bridge toll plaza is very quiet right now. the back of has not started just get the drive times is easy to 13 minutes of and to and across the span. golden gate problem free. the richmond san rafael bridge is very like conditions. >> james: police are investigating issue out and antioch. one person is in custody and a security guard is recovering behind the starbucks on a street. >> reporter: the security guard will live in the attack is expected to survive he did
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suffer and not life-threatening gunshot wound to the arm with this is a to cover insider the starbucks on a street near west 15th rebel a hole and go window shows how by the the incident was. the all of the patrol and has been assigned to the small for more than five years. he attacks us a lot he always does his job right. >> reporter: just before 3:00 in the afternoon amid on a bike on rolled up to two people waiting at a bus stop and pulled a gun out on them he's saw what was happening intervened and that's when the bicyclist fired on him. another group of people also opened fire on the bicyclist before he rode off. witnesses say he thought cover on the
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starbucks and he was tracked down surely after the shooting. and as a bystander was ruled by gunfire on sunday of the incident seemed to be related. >> james: 72 year old man is facing charges for a mercy killing. he confessed to killing his wife by shooting her in the head never said couples live there for more than 35 years there is no doubt that she was quite ill she suffers from dementia they're still surprised by what happened
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there were really loving people we would never thought he would of the something like that. i understood why he did it but i never thought that he would have actually done it i don't think he should be in jail he put the poor lady out of her misery if she could do her so she brought would have. >> james: the race for san jose mayor is still too close to call. the city councilman try to get the position. to to 500 blows there is 60,000 absentee's that need to be a common for--need to be accounted for
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it is really time for us to move forward and try to put this behind us and put the work on the city running prosperity for so many families who continue to struggle to assuring that we can restore services >> james: he did not concede again a number of bulls still need to be counted will take a quick break coming up on the kron 4 morning news the first city in the nation is berkeley to charge taxes on sherry drink superior--sherr will tell you wt she is as before birds are
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refusing to budge from the old bay bridge. your approach to the bay bridge last and light this morning
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>> james: berkeley to pass what 75 percent saying guest at the ballot the past tuesday it will put one select--1¢ an ounce on should drinks--sugar drinks >> reporter: it had also come
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will be taxed an extra 12¢ this city will make millions of dollars from this tax which was designed to get consumers to choose alternatives to the sugary drinks. it is unclear how the money will be spent but he has some idea on where it will go. it will be an enormous pressure on the community. is the to the parent to determine what their kids eat and drink not the government. i think it's a great ideas sugar is what is killing people. it is still unclear how this tax is going to affect >> james:
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they're going to be hot holding a news conference live we chapter claimed victory in the mayor raised--libby shaft as she reached out to those who did not vote for her at it is time for this city to come together as focus on what we have in common and as a love for our city a determination to deliver a more effective better running government. a government
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that is more responsible the government that delivers the most basic service of all and that is safety. >> james: 4 election coverage of concern to our web site at kron 4 dot com >> reporter: tracking dry conditions around the bay area for details on what to expect will return
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>> reporter: is going to be a little cooler tie clouds are streaming in it is helping our morning temperatures is not as cool as two to four hours ago with this afternoon where or to back off the '80s we are still
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about 10 degrees warmer than where we should be this year's fifth will see in 80 degree reading limited galley lots of sunshine today the legal 7573 in richmond we will even joined lowe 7 for downtown san francisco. upper seven is not a few low 80s on saturday and sunday. we're not looking at any hot spots san mateo bridge quiet
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conditions loss of safe--we are a problem for you into then free for the richmond san rafael bridge no problems hitting down to the golden gate bridge. >> james: a little more mother is really all laws of for some this morning--grieving over the loss of her son
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>> reporter: difficulty playing the story. they're supposed to be encased in a waterproof route. the bay bridge bird problem is also costing millions caltrans
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is trying to spin money birds are not budging which is caused a delay is for the demolition program. >> reporter: one of many of said about sitting in this traffic along highway one the san pedro or creek bridge is being replaced wildlife restrictions main no major on-site work for five months. you cannot blame this guide and this guy for that delay endangered animals that
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have been found in this creek area because they have been found here they are not able to work until an area that is protected on the federal level because of the wetlands that is. the traffic is bumper-to-bumper coming down >> reporter: the delay is not a surprise and it is written with an apartment of the project. the traffic here has become a nightmare on the weekend. >> reporter: even with the delay it should be finished by
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october 2015 >> james: he was killed in a traffic accident while driving on highway 5. she was the big rig drivers to come forward. at 20 years old he had so much to give their travel on i 5 when a big rig going the other direction suffered and axle failure. they crash into the front windshield she suffered only minor injuries but cody was killed instantly.
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the chp said the driver kept going and had not been found they are still looking for the truck driver why has it he come forward by now he has to know that he lost an axle and a couple of tires >> reporter: they'll know why the semi lost its wheels.
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i really don't know where i go from here >> james: coming up on the kron 4 morning news he plans to retire at was to you why and here's a live look outside which the san rafael bridge traffic nearly nonexistent.
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the warriors remain unbeaten.
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>> james: two years after a devastating the injury he plans to retire from the san francisco 49ers. he admitted to federal investigators that he used steroids he admitted to steroid use in january.
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>> james: his sister five quarters to hours if you want to relive the giants a celebration the parade again we will it down to basically an hour of the best highlights from the parade after is to commit suicide will sell you how the students aren't responding.
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>> reporter: a live look at the san mateo bridge. will let you know when it began to back up from four morning news continues in just a minute.
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>> reporter: here are some other big stories we are following police are investigating a shootout and antioch. a security guard was injured during bad shooting. a man on a bike rode up to two people waiting on a bus stop and pulled a gun out on them another group of people
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open fire on a bicyclist who rode off the list tracked him down he is not in custody. a 72 year-old man is in custody for a mercy killing he told officers he killed his sick wife by shooting her in bed never say she was quite ill and suffered from dementia but they are still surprised by what happened. >> reporter: the race for san jose mayor is still too close to call. there is still around 60,000 absentees' and bowed by mail ballots that still need to be accounted for. here are the assigned holidays are approaching the you want to rent
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space that will be another $6 $11 for adults and $7 for children 8 years of age and younger. we had an ice storm for this year-find out about the weather. >> reporter: will be extending and i look we should be driving for the next two weeks will nazi in the rain. where does one
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to have to wait and see listed a look at current temperatures is not as cold this morning we have some higher clouds moving into the area. yes it we already felt as to put the clock into motion wrecking down the highest temperatures still much warmer do when they should be this time of the year 69 today and babysitting we do have some high clouds pushing and associated with low pressure systems when i went to see any
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way which is dealing with the cloud cover rich much warmer weather will continue into the weekend >> reporter: some of the cars are starting to back up just slightly by the bay bridge toll plaza. if you're heading to the san mateo bridge no problem a live look at the golden gate bridge you drive is 25 minutes. no cars with a camera shop on the richmond center fell bridge >> james: police responded to
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the 1100 block this letter from the four victims with gunshot wounds to their arms and legs matter those walls or consider life-threatening. one person is 60 injured after they were hit by a car in north beach. the victim was hospitalized with life-threatening injuries no word on how they are doing this morning. the latest with a high school parents and teachers are dressing suicide prevention after a student committed suicide by stepping in front of a cow tried. >> reporter: paris rush to a suicide prevention for offered by gunn high. he committed
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suicide by a train just south of the california station less than a month ago so was hit by a train also attended the high two students killed themselves what another attempted suicide. some kids may have problems and they need consulting.
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>> reporter: the woman who was a bucket of the philadelphia street now back home with her family this morning and recovering we have heard from save just outside baltimore she was kidnapped sunday night that it was caught on surveillance police spotted the suspect of a doctor's car and maryland this and the vehicle and they found her inside. we to occur immediately to the hospital would take a break still ahead on the kron 4 morning news test flights could resume as early as next summer despite last week
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said deadly accident. a group of hunters the tech--attacked by there's from carrying a deer. some of the cool blue high-tech features state told that is coming up.
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>> reporter: star would hotels and resorts are launching a new high-tech feature mobile key list entry. they're letting you
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use your from to lock the door for guy hotel room. was to guess are checked again they can ask for a virtual keyed to step to the fall call the fall to the door and then the door locks another called thing that offers convenience with the back--with the application you want to make sure your fun with ride the past rain
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>> james: group for five separate options the most important thing is that the booster seat does a good job resisting the bell. >> reporter: the quality of boaster sees improving with more new models. out of 41 new models 27 receive the top rating
4:42 am
of best that m3 reading at a good bet. we understand that they make changes to their design to improve most children will be and booster seats between four and eight parents and caregivers that the progression for a child seat to a booster seat should be based on height and weight not age. >> reporter: the man charged with killing two share of deputies this in a different gel this morning was so you why he was moved. will be rubble back
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>> reporter: we are talking about color temperatures. warner said the widespread '80s like we seen yesterday. we are going to maintain dry conditions in the bay area. the cloud cover will have an affect on those numbers. starting with mainly to clear skies to riches will be warmer than average. tomorrow will be a little warmer. as we head into next week we're going to start off with an increase in cloud coverage cooler temperatures and average temperatures as we head to wednesday and thursday here's a look at future cast at the 2:00 hour will hold on to 60s 7 is for the warmer england air-
4:46 am
test and land >> reporter: 77 degrees in san jose it could see a few low '80s developing today. castro valley 70 degrees in richmond mostly sunny skies will hold onto dry conditions for about the next 14 days there is a slight possibility that we could see a few sprinkles into next it is looking like a 10 percent chance warmer weather is into the weekend with cooler weather returning as we head into the middle of next week. >> reporter: are seeing some of the lane starting to line up if you're heading to san sale bridge is 13 minutes over at the
4:47 am
golden gate bridge quiet conditions right out of iran and at the richmond san rafael bridge there are couplet cars making the trip. >> reporter: a better speed is your cruise down south livermore no delays out we are currently is then free >> james: she's admitted the midterm elections were difficult for the democrats to the challenge will be and changing to build a better community and an economy about what is
4:48 am
changing the immigration system if it is my get help from congress will act alone-- president obama >> james: the man was taken to a nearby airport where he was given medical treatment the hunters were prepared for possible their encounters of being attacked by a group of bears is unusual >> james: the million masked mark it is organized and is inspired some to try to honor
4:49 am
him by creating chaos november 5th >> james: by vandalizing good color models take capital spray- painted graffiti on the building. the man charged with killing two shares deputies has been moved to a different sale of them prefer if he was not held in sacramento lobbyist child. two deputies from sap r mansell the is and will to the
4:50 am
gel and eldorado county that both the is similar charges. the work is therapeutic for employees. the agency raised the credit rating from a to a-plus this said the changes to the rainy day fund was what the fax
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and world news no evil treatment is expected to open and liberia early this week this facility while caring for ebola patients the facility is encouraging health care workers to help,. he is charged with a seven to pay for two murders threaten to kill and he had possession of drugs. a freshman at the
4:52 am
university has quite the story to tell after he sunk an incredible have scored shot during the school basketball game slightly warmer and we can't say what to expect otherwise the rest of the day and the rest of the week when we come back.
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>> reporter: pentacles several tries. his average like everyone else he give the ball one last time in the last throw was the
4:55 am
moneymaker. that was the shot that won him the prize a to the other 14 f. 150 >> reporter: she'll kick off the evening. she is having the best
4:56 am
week ever or least the best week in the last 12 years less in 89 is the level one album the couple has a two year-old son in a 21 year-old son from a previous marriage >> reporter: the race for san jose mayor is still too close to call but that did not stop when canada from declaring victory. will have of this in san jose. the dallas nurse is speaking
4:57 am
out the thin it herself against critics who said she was reckless flying on an airplane after treating and ebola patient. here is a live look outside so far is moving well
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>> james: still looking for fantastic weather today we will shave off just a degree or two we have clouds out there this morning. to help keep was on the warmer side overnight temperatures are working up they're not nearly as old as jessica we are still a sense of 40's and upper '40's. by noon time it will be for '60s and '70s. as for right now take a look at up before this is santa rosa. task we're off to a milder start coming up at 515 >> reporter: we're not tracking
5:01 am
any hot spots in the east bay no axes to report in the south bay right now. >> reporter: >> reporter: if you talk to sam is not too close to call this still had days now we to continue coming will show you
5:02 am
some video that we received yesterday. 120,000 absentee ballots . i look forward to sitting down with anyone who is willing to build bridges and moving the city for. but it is really time
5:03 am
for us to move for is there something that we are missing everyone is saying be patient about this . >> darya: their blood while
5:04 am
they're going to work together during the upcoming transition. the city councilwoman shaft claims victory she joined her supporters at lake merritt she reached out to those who cannot afford. decipher this is to come together listed over this polarizing tiles and its focus on what we have a, and that's the love for our city. a >> darya: get ahead to our web site at kron 4 dot com >> reporter: this happened
5:05 am
yesterday afternoon outside a starbucks chelicera a minimum by rosa to people waiting at the bus stop with a gun on him as its editor and seoul have been stepped in and shot him in the arm and number feverish a bicyclist before he took off. >> reporter: three teenagers have been arrested in the previous case. >> darya: the woman who was conducted is back home this morning after she was found safe in maryland. the man who
5:06 am
kidnapped a woman has been arrested. police spotted a woman and her kidnapper and the car and marilyn and arrested him. the avoid missing since september found on island more than 7,000 mi. away from home will tell you what happened after that. at shell, we believe the world needs
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>> reporter: no one is currently on schedule we have no delays to record in san francisco. >> reporter: and nitro pennsylvania boy has been found missing since september francaise more than 7,000 mi. away and an island on the south pacific testing alive the scare it'sboutetti, to t finh line.
5:11 am
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>> james: o'clock all in the low to mid '50's 57 and oakland. whether or to see temperatures just its fiscal bird still nice though. six is on to hold on pretty good along the bay. seven is will take over most of the day by three in the afternoon. our attempt to today will be a degree or to cooler than yesterday.
5:16 am
>> james: next week will cool off a little bit. >> reporter: not tracking missiles was is a great time to leave the house. the best approach is a highway 24 is
5:17 am
still a clear shot. you notice no delays whatsoever to the san ramon valley west down 580 in the like we're saying minor delays is pretty typical for this type of morning >> darya: he is facing murder charges for what he says is a
5:18 am
mercy killed. on october 26th he confessed to killing his ailing wife mentioned her in the head this said the couple lived there for more than 35 years and there was no doubt that she was very ill she suffered from dementia he's being held without bail. >> reporter: the dallas nurse is defended herself this said she was reckless flying on a airplane after treating and ebola patient she was cleared to fly from cleveland atlanta and back to the cbc. dozens of people were place on the ebola watchlist she was a concept of health officials were she found out another nurse had ebola to
5:19 am
give herself to to watch out for an #recall. >> reporter: and it will achieve the unit is its open for saturday in africa. the facility is located the allows outside the city. they said the unit will give people peace of mind and health-care workers will my get sick >> darya: president obama is threatening unilateral action. if he does like his support from driver as he said he will act alone. --if he does i get support from congress. >> reporter: he extended his
5:20 am
suspension is hours after the video surfaced after he punched his been fiancee. he wants to be reinstated in a hint that felt immediately--in the nfl. >> darya: she is proposing an increase to make tuition hikes a predictable part of the university's budget so the family is a campus will know what to expect. under the proposal.
5:21 am
>> reporter: tear is the video from yes today residents fear they will lose their homes. despite the law will there are some active spots will be right back with the kron 4 morning news continues corrosion on the
5:22 am
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>> darya: more americans are born to be taken to the skies for thanksgiving to for 46 million passengers are going to fly between november 21st and december 2nd that is about 31,000 more passengers for the average day the nine biggest u.s. airlines posted net earnings of $6.8 billion from jail break through september of more than $2 billion increase the bid is that to fly is going to be sunday november 30th followed by another--that following monday
5:27 am
and east bay woman is grieving the loss of first-run killed in an accident. she cannot forgive the driver who is responsible will have that story and more coming up.
5:28 am
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5:31 am
>> reporter: the matter relates third not yet on at the toll plaza. it is still pretty entry for the fast track users. we're a little slow on was about 580. >> darya: consensuses the police are investigating two separate shootings that have led last night 64 injured. i am at the downtown police this and they are investigating to several shootings the lessons people and according to san francisco police department then receive
5:32 am
the call along 1015 they from four separate people had been shot at the scene. three shot in the leg was shot and armor--arm >> reporter: a second shooting occurred according to police the victims were standing area where there were reports were two suspects the suspects then shot the victims more to the sign-- multiple times their conditions are being described as stable is
5:33 am
in arlington investigation as to get more information will pass a law. >> reporter: the money could be spent to promote health and nutrition programs for kids. >> darya: san francisco residents use less water than any san francisco on on average use of 45 gal. of water per person per day in september the
5:34 am
bay area as a whole average 85 gal. per person per day during the same. inland areas like palm springs in the desert averaged about 252 gal. per person per day is has decrease of capacity that is due to the city commitment >> reporter: to clear roads and damage from rot from the bay bridge. there were supposed to be an waterproofed growth in this is video from the helicopter officials are worried the ride has been flooded by caruso water that cannot be replaced because there's no room to maneuver in the was into position. therefore to see if
5:35 am
the pipefitters already millions of dollars over budget. that now have to wait this is not come as a surprise the projects should still be finished as scheduled october of next year >> darya: he was killed in a traffic accident while driving an unjustified this happened last week the chp said a big rig loans in the other direction had an axle fell year invested two of its tires into the air
5:36 am
presence of the windshield of a car killing the young man instantly his mother was in the car she suffered minor injuries the chp says it's possible the truck driver was not aware that he lost his tires at the time of the crash as you know this is a micron for story of you to submit your to us and we will investigate as well teff
5:37 am
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make dinner pop. with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that. give the gift of amazing sleep, only at a sleep number store. where you'll find our lowest price ever on the c4 queen mattress plus 36-month financing. know better sleep with sleep number. >> reporter: the race for san
5:44 am
jose mayor is still too close to call. there are still about 60,000 absentee and both by mail ballots still need to be accounted for. the man the kidnap her is now under arrest she has returned home safely >> reporter: we're off to a nice smile star is not as cold as it was yesterday. visibility is not bad. the fault is that big factor at this hour. a lot more
5:45 am
fifties on the map this morning 77 is just a wonder great difference with us with the clout to force today and will keep our to this on a milder side. san francisco downtown 71 and across the north bay mid to upper '70's.
5:46 am
>> reporter: of the cash lands are starting to back up just across the 880 backing. the drive times right now is still under about 11 minutes from the maze into san francisco. over at the san mateo bridge the track inspector. to tell lies that are heading out to foster city no back up on the approach in either direction the golden gate bridge looks good so quiet at this early hour. was of 581 is
5:47 am
the biggest back up at the moment. is it a free for the most part of the 280 law is good and in downtown san jose up to marin county like conditions will be dry red now about 28 minutes out of the bottle. this is stanley roberts with people behaving badly!
5:48 am
>> stanley: the cuban tried to cross has to walk around then there's the flensing like to alert drivers there's no return when a pedestrian mall is activated but this juror in this driver and his driver go to flashing maternal arrested of there's also no u-turn sign door read * gyres are making an illegal u-turn and not just one reason is simple i did a segment on personnel the ticklers over the reason they will happen is because the
5:49 am
crosswalk is so dangerous this guy's not writing his cross of his bill at a guest traffic in and people who are not stopping . >> reporter: of the golden state warriors remain undefeated.
5:50 am
this >> reporter: we are still celebrating the giants for series victory with our replay of the best moments from the parade. sunday november 9th at 7:00 p.m. will be right back with the kron 4 morning news. female announcer: tuesday's your last chance to save big
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illustrate that is not going to be as warm and will be pleasant will not as warm as it was yesterday. to to the great-- degree difference than yesterday >> reporter: a performance to low 50s we have new temperatures mostly in the mid to upper 60s by three in afternoon to see widespread '70s. >> reporter: the ski resort is opening this friday because of
5:55 am
that will be $10 a ticket. the holiday iceblink is opening is open daily from 10 a.m. to 1130 is $11 for adults $7 for children 8 years and younger ...
5:56 am
>> reporter: it's a rental truck because of that shot the made a layup after several tries that won him a 2014 ford at 150.
5:57 am
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>> reporter: it as a going to be beautiful today very similar to yesterday's maybe even a couple of degrees cooler and there are some clouds out there and does having an impact on your experience as soon as you step out of the door. tempters our little warmer this mor. the well was the continues into


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